A New Beginning...

Hi, I'm Brian! A long time Nerfuls fan and collector. Years ago I ran "nerfuls.com", a site about Parker Bros' Nerfuls toyline from the mid 1980's which featured pictures of released and unreleased figures and products, as well as general information about the line. I shuttered the site after its information was copied and spread among many other web sites about old toys.

It's been many years since, but we're back now with Nerfuls.org! With the gracious help of collectors from all over we've been able to pool our resources and create this resource for Nerfuls fans and collectors. Feel free to browse the galleries and check out the toys that were and might have been, and gain some insight into their creation!

Now, this site only exists because of individuals like you who might have something or know something to share. In the grand scheme of things the Nerfuls is a small blip on the toy collecting radar. Its fans are wonderful and passionate, but relatively few and spread out around the world. My hope is that this site can do its part to bring everyone together, keep the fandom strong, and allow us all to share the little bits of information that we chance upon. Even though this toyline is 30+ years old, we're still discovering new things every day!

To do all of this we need your help. If you own a Nerfuls item that you don't see here, or you worked on the line or at Parker Brothers during the time the line ran, we want to hear from you! From a designer to a factory worker, salesman to advertising, however you interacted with the Nerfuls I'd love to pick your brain a bit, and maybe even interview you for the page.

Contact me at: morrocus@aol.com

Thanks to everyone, go join the Facebook group by clicking HERE, and keep checking for updates!