Nerfuls 3-Piece Figures

The original 1985 Parker Brothers line of Nerfuls included eight three-piece figures. Each figure was composed of a ball head, body, and a hat or hair piece. All pieces are interchangeable with any other Nerfuls figure. 

The figures were packaged in window boxes in North America, and on blister cards in Europe. Some of the names of these character were changed for their European release, so each listing below will be formatted to show "North American Name / European Name".

Fun Fact!: Several of the 1985 Nerfuls were named after Parker Brothers employees who worked on the line!

Budd Ball / Benny Ball

Bitsy Ball / Bessie Ball

Betty Ball / Betty Ball

Bart Ball / Billy Ball

Fetch / Fetch

Scratch / Scratch

Officer Bob / Bobby

Captain Nerfuls / Astro