Nerfuls Prototypes and Concept Art

I am VERY interested in hearing from anyone who worked on the Nerfuls toy line in ANY capacity. Would love to do an interview, hear some of your thoughts, and/or see photos of anything you might have. I have no interest in purchasing anything at this point, I'm just interested in the history of it, and hopefully sharing that history here. 

If you have anything to say or share, no matter how small, please email at 

Like all toy lines The Nerfuls went through a lot of work before becoming the toys that finally hit (or didn't hit) shelves. Below are a collection of photos sent by various collectors of prototypes, drawings, and pre-retail items from the Nerfuls line. 

The Bonnie Zacherle Collection

Collector and Nerfuls community standout Bobbi Andes was fortunate enough to meet with Nerfuls (and My Little Pony) creator Bonnie Zacherle in 2006. During their meeting Bonnie showed off several amazing pieces of Nerfuls history, some photos of which are below. 


Early Sketches


Clay Prototypes

Color Concept Artwork


Nerfuls Promotional Sales Booklet

Concept Artwork and Prototypes from Other Collectors

The following artwork and prototypes have been collected by various means and are currently owned by private collectors who have been nice enough to share it with this page. 

Early rubber hand-painted prototype

Prototype Heads

Courtesy of JB

Concept Artwork

Courtesy of KP

Various Test-Shots