Argentine Nerfuls

Argentine toy and game company Cromy released a series of six Nerfuls. Cromy's Nerfuls were available for sale in two packaging styles; on a blister card, and in a small cardboard box. It is difficult to say which packaging style was more common as the blisters were necessarily destroyed upon opening. It is currently much easier to find boxed figures. 

The Cromy Nerfuls are interesting in the ways they different from all other Nerfuls. First, while the entire line is composed of characters from the first three-piece wave, the colors of several of the pieces have been changed, including Budd's hat and Bitsy's hair and clothes. The paint applications on the bodies are also very reduced. 

Second, three of the characters were given a set of Katie's skates. This is the only wheeled accessory that was included in this line.

Third, while the advertisement above shows a regular Bart Ball, all of the Bart Balls that were actually sold used Fetch the dog's head for some reason. It's a weird switch that doesn't make a lot of sense.

The photos below will use the characters' Argentinian name, which like the Europeans release for some were changed.





Oficial Boby



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