Additional Nerfuls Products

The Nerfuls was intended to be a fully developed Brand, complete with various licensed products. While there were many things planned which never saw the light of day, there were still several Nerfuls products that did hit market. 

Nerfuls Plush Dolls

12" Plush versions of Budd and Bitsy were made for the line. The dolls came apart in three pieces like the regular versions, and were held together with Velcro. 

Nerfuls Magic Slate

Golden's layout and color guide, used to produce the Magic Slate

Nerfuls Puzzles

Three boxed puzzles are known to exist. 

Nerfuls Coloring Book

Nerfuls Card Game

The Argentine company Cromy released a card game for the Nerfuls. It's notable that the card game includes drawings of unreleased Nerfuls characters, including Captain Kook, Karate Chip and Honey Bear from the second series, the samurai character from the Bushy Bunch, and Sputters and Dipsy from the second vehicle assortment. 

Nerfuls Pinback Button

It's currently unknown the circumstances under which a person would have acquired these. Perhaps they were worn by Parker Brothers employees at Toyfair, or given as promos? However they were released, they clearly exist, so here there are!

Argentine Carnival Masks

I don't currently have photos of these. I snagged a couple of small images of a pair of Nerfuls plastic 80's style masks off of Mercado Libre about a decade ago, but have since lost those photos. If anyone has pictures of these, please message me!

Boxed plush photo courtesy of Edgar Paredes
Card Game, Puzzle and Button photos courtesy of JB

More to come...!