Unreleased 3-Piece Figures

A second wave of four Nerfuls three piece figures was designed and planned for release, however these figure, though fully tooled and ready for production, never made it to stores. One of the four characters, Honey Bear, would eventually be released as a mail-away premium in Europe, but the rest would never officially see the light of day. 

A small number of these figures were made as production samples and Toy Fair displays, and have made their way into the hands of collectors. A very small number of carded samples also exist, again probably for Toy Fair displays.

Princess Deb

Karate Chip

Tina Too Too

Honey Bear

Honey Bear is included here as part of the unreleased wave of three piece figures as he was intended to be one of the four figures offered at retail. He was, however, eventually made available as a mail-away premium, and information about that deal can be found on the Promotional Figures page. 

Princess Deb photos courtesy of Bobbi Andes (bobbiandes@gmail.com)

Honey Bear, Karate Chip, and Tina Too Too photos courtesy of JB (bikeovermoon@gmail.com)